Berlin, 17.05.2016
Dear Internet,
I've been stuck with my photographic creativity and view for almost a year.
It started all by perfecting my black and white technique forcing me to think, work and see just in black and white.
Masters like Avedon, Adams, Mann or Sander fascinated me and everything which did not fit in my understanding of a "good" photograph was not interesting or even bad. I was stuck in my own staked mind. Going from digital to 35mm film to medium format all the way up to 4x5" I tried to overcome my lack of creativity by mastering the technology ending up with 10+ cameras and no pictures at all.
About a month ago I was at a low point. My way of making pictures bored me and I had to face a personal crisis about what photography means for me. I came to a point where I understood that as much as I love and embrace the beauty of black and white photography, collecting cameras and knowing every technical aspect I cannot stand this monotony anymore because I feel impaired by it.
Berlin, Warschauer Straße // 2016

Eric Kim got my mind working again.
His credo is to embrace the beauty of interaction between people and the balance of giving and taking. The camera does not matter, film or digital does not matter as long as YOU enjoy shooting and doing something YOU like.
He made me think about getting out of my "comfort zone" to overcome the set mind I had about photography, I'd definitely say he made me enjoy the thing I love again.

Thank You, Eric.
Berlin, Warschauer Straße // 2016

Besides that he inspired me to write this text about it and to be more open with my thoughts and feelings.
Do not let yourself get in the way of your creative growth, do what you have never done before and seize that "uncomfortable" moment.
I do not regret anything new I tried, rather the things I felt comfortable doing.


P.S.: You should also take a look at this article: How to Become Wealthy by Eric Kim.
Berlin, Warschauer Straße // 2016
Berlin, Warschauer Straße // 2016
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